We provide not only the consulting service, but also the execution. All the advices can become reality. Our prototype can make the products and our involvement in production can deliver the good quality and on-schedule products.


The added value service includes sourcing, factory audit, and project management. We can be your representative to monitor the suppliers in China closely and help them to improve the yield and cost reduction.


Our overseas customers can monitor the production and handle the adhoc tasks with us.




We provide various kinds of solutions to solve manufacturing, quality control, engineering, marketing and recruitment issues.

I.   Quality Service


Quality Audit – Quality Plan Development, Supplier Audit,

     In-process Inspection, Outgoing Check.



II.  Technical Service


Project Management – Project Transfer, Project Development

from Prototype Stage to Production.


Engineering – Design For Manufacturability (DFM) and

Automation Production.


Sourcing – Low cost components and supply-chain management.

Manufacturing Process Development –  We deploy new scientific and engineering approaches designed to achieve cost, quality and volume targets.


Fixture and Tester Design – It provides more precise control over production lines. Automation process can also be implemented.


Small Scale Production in Hong Kong – CNC, Optical Inspection Machine and other fixtures are available for small scale production and rework in Hong Kong.



III. HR Recruitment Service


Few people have engaged in Medical Device and Healthcare Products in Hong Kong. However, we have a large database for the talents who have experience in medical device design and manufacturing including Regulatory, Quality, Engineering, R+D, Sales, and CxO executives.

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